“Elitism” and How it Really Effects EDM


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I recently came across an article titled “Elitism in EDM, The Downfall Of Our Community“, and it was a great read. However, Matthew Meadow, while I agree with your article almost 100%, there’s some things I’d like to expand on that is getting misinterpreted by many.

First things first, I don’t believe “EDM Elitists” is a good term to be using to describe these people. It’s almost hypocritical; coining this term to be a negative thing against our fellow “raver”, “rager”, or whatever term you wish to call your fellow partiers. While these “elitists” may be negatively impacting our community, there’s much more to look at when examining the effects they have.

There will ALWAYS be “elitists” in our community. There will always be people that feel like they know better than others. An elitist should not be interpreted as a negative person. They are the ones that allow people to expand their musical horizons, they are the ones that show support the unconventional artists. However, it’s how those elitists go about sharing their opinion that makes all the difference. After all, as the article even states, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and musical tastes, and to say that these people should not share their opinions is wrong. If these elitists go about sharing their opinion in a negative manner, then yes, that should not be tolerated.

Let me repeat: If you’re an “elitist”, it’s okay to share your opinions. You just must remember that we all have different tastes in music. I may like the top 40 dance hits because they’re catchy, and you might hate them because they’re basic and unoriginal. And its perfectly okay to have different tastes. If we all listened to the same thing, there would be no diversity among us.

We can have our differences. There will always be those people who say “Ew, don’t go to Steve Aoki he sucks, come listen to (insert unknown garageband of 12 year olds from Germany here) instead!” And that’s okay! Learn to accept the people regardless of what they listen to or how they go about sharing these opinions. Because, after all, we are a community, and we have to accept our flaws.

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