In Review: You Me At Six Single, “Give”

This past Friday, You Me At Six released a preview of their upcoming album Night People in the form of a single, titled “Give”. With three uniquely adequate precursors to this January release, these singles individually reveal the subtlety and rawness that this band seems likely to unveil soon.

At first, “Give” resembles much of what You Me At Six portrays in the acoustic renditions of their songs. The emotionally strained vocals are present in a similar manner, which are complimentary to the mellow agony in the instrumentals. But once the chorus gains momentum, so does the rest of the song, and “Give” is starting to carry out the same tone as the singles that come before it.

You Me At Six, Paris (via Twitter)
You Me At Six, Paris (via Twitter)

In August, the first single leading up to Night People was released, an overtly rough expression of characterization, appropriately titled “Night People”. Its commanding and dynamic electric guitar adds a proper and clean edginess to the catchy tune. A few months later in October, a continuation of this organized anger was released in “Plus One”, another single to their still unreleased album.

Picking up where they left off in 2014, You Me At Six disclose a certain gained finesse in the anticipation of Night People. With “Give” capping off a trio of exemplary cohesion, these three singles seem to foreshadow You Me At Six’s deeper knowledge of their voice, and a more complex balance and arrangement of that sound.

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