EARTHGANG Drops New Single, “Options,” Featuring Wale

EARTHGANG has just dropped their brand new single, “Options,” which is the first song featuring Wale since the release of Spilligion – an album by the musical group Spillage Village in which the dynamic hip hop duo are core members.

EARTHGANG is a naturally collaborative effort – seeing as Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot gravitate and feed off of one another’s energy in such a way that makes us see how the presence of rap groups in hip hop history is starting to slowly trickle down and make its way into the community today. 

From the likes of OutKast, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan to N.W.A. – these are all legendary rap groups that birthed Hip Hop’s firm foundation in highlighting the power of creativity that is ushered by teamwork and alliance. 

EARTHGANG has kept the tradition of rap groups to be carried on in the hip hop community. Nowadays we mostly see just solo MCs gripping the mike, but EARTHGANG is really illuminating just how much the magnitude of a group dynamic has always captivated and spoke to Hip Hop as a community. 

EARTHGANG has showcased their devotion to ensuring the legacy of the allegiance of rap groups is not lost with their contribution to not only Spillage Village – but also to Dreamville which happens to be J Cole’s label that they are currently signed to along with a team of various talented artists.

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While EARTHGANG has been dropping feature after feature over this past year from their participation in both of the collaborative albums, Spilligion and Revenge of the Dreamers III – it’s nice to see them drop a new single that is purely just for EARTHGANG.

Although we do have a surprise feature from Wale right in the middle of the track – his presence and verse pairs so effortlessly with EARTHGANG’s sound that they had in mind for the single that it couldn’t have been a better fit sonically. 

What is surprising is the tone of “Options” – this single takes on the form as being mostly a care-free, R&B/Hip-Hop track that you would hear playing in the background of a house party. This is an interesting energetic shift from EARTHGANG’s most recent drops. 

Their past single “Up,” off their most recent album, Mirrorland, showcased them relying more so on their highly energetic and rambunctious flow, cadence, and rhythm that they bring to the genre of rap as a whole – veering and shying away from mumble rap, or from indulging in low-energy and lethargic bars.

Fans knew that the high vibrational energy that radiates from their music had to come from a much deeper source. EARTHGANG is able to embody and represent through their music how it feels to truly live, not merely just exist but to be fully alive. 

It’s always been somewhat of a mystery as to how EARTHGANG is able to tap into the element of freedom in their music – but we knew it had to come from something larger than life – perhaps a contending and discovery of a higher self, higher purpose, higher force.

This profound transformation that shifted inside their music lyrically revealed a much more grounded and spiritually enlightened EARTHGANG. 

Their bars became consumed with paying homage to their ancestors, social justice, and activism being spit through a lens of spiritual awareness – harnessing freedom through unlocking narratives within the black community that was either being simply ignored or lost. 

“Options” is a big tone shift for them and it’s nice to see EARTHGANG come back with a single that gives them time and space to play – once again, summoning freedom. 

This track also showcases EARTHGANG feeling confident as ever, rapping about all the options and opportunities that they have manifested for themselves. The thing is EARTHGANG’s discography is already filled to the brim with any bars that dismantle the male ego, cockiness, and ultimately a rejection of artificiality. 

There is never anything wrong with expressing confidence – but EARTHGANG does it in a way where they are able to communicate their confidence through the world by leading with authenticity and generosity. 

Showing up as your true, authentic self is not only one of the most vulnerable things to do in this society – but it’s also the purest form of confidence. 

EARTHGANG often closes their lips and lets their artistry speak for itself – but it’s also really refreshing to see them feeling themselves on this single – as they most definitely should. 

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