Chief Keef’s, ‘Ottopsy’ Matches His Usual Level Of Blandness


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Chicago drill rapping legend, Chief Keef is back with a new EP. Three years after his last studio album, “Bang 3” he returns with, “Ottopsy” and it’s just as much of a slog to listen to as his full length albums, only this time it is just a mere 15 minutes.

The opener, “Gang Gang” is a disappointing kickoff to the EP. Throughout the song he mumbles and stumbles through one of his awkwardest performances yet. He obviously is trying to come off as menacing in his lyrics, but his flow is so soft and half-assed. It makes it hard to believe him even though I am aware of his personal life and origins. Speaking of lyrics, the lyrics on the hook are some of the laziest Keef has ever put out in general.

“My expensive snow shoes, vegetarian tofu
Benjamin Franklin, I love you
Loyalty I love you more
Cheese on my fingers, but I ain’t talking doritos,” -Chief Keef

“I Need More” is the first time I found something to appreciate on this thing. In the background there is this catchy refrain where he essentially repeats the song’s title. It is a little repetitive, but it’s at least ear grabbing. Even if Keef’s singing is ridiculously strained on the backend of the chorus, it’s at least miles more entertaining than the remainder of the tracklist.

Unfortunately, that is about it in terms of anything noticeable about this project good or bad. This is simply Chief Keef being Chief Keef. The other three songs, “Water Resort,” “We’re Everywhere,” and “Randomly” are some of the most generic trap/drill songs I have heard all year. Even the EP’s lone feature, Tadoe does nothing to make the song remotely unique or interesting. Here merely fades away with the rest of the project. Even the production, which usually carries Chief Keef was incredibly lackluster. Every instrumental is a trap cliche with trap tinged hi hats, a splash of autotuned adlibs and bells being thrown into a blender to see what comes out. For a five song EP, it is incredibly mind numbing and quickly wears out its welcome before even arriving.

Favorite song: “I Need More”

Least favorite song: “Gang Gang”

Score: 3/10

Henry Netherland

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