Electric Forest Introduces a Group Camp for Women

Have you ever wanted to go to an event but were nervous about being by yourself? Maybe you are concerned about your safety, or simply worried that you will be lonely. Therefore, you end up not purchasing a ticket, and spend the next year kicking yourself that you missed out on such an epic experience.

This year can be different for the female attendees of Electric Forest. For the first time ever, the festival is introducing a new type of camping for women called Her Forest.

Her Forest is a $40 upgrade (same as group camping) that you can sign up for beginning February 18th at 3pm (Eastern Time). The goal is to create an empowering atmosphere where girls can collaborate on projects and festival activities, as well as give them a place to feel comfortable.

Electric Forest is a place with plenty of welcoming people, yet going up to large crew can be extremely intimidating. Now there is a place to live for the weekend where you know there are other females that are going to be welcoming and open to the idea of making new friends.

There will also be a group leader who will communicate with the group before the fest which will definitely strengthen bonds.

Whether or not this is a good idea is something that is still up for debate. Many people are pointing out that this may give women a false sense of security or even make them a target for harassment, that it is unfair to men and that segregation is not what Forest is all about. A solution could be not to focus solely on women, but all attendees who are solo and may feel lonely or out of place all weekend.

More information can be found on the Electric Forest website: here.
What do you think? Is this an innovative idea that all festivals should have or just something that will separate us further? Let us know in the comments below!

Melody Koney

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