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What Do I Pack For A Music Festival?

by Katy Clark
So you’ve bought tickets, have a means of getting there, and got the time off approved. You’re (almost) ready to a music festival, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Even getting to this part can pose some difficulties, so let me ease the load by helping you with what’s next: packing. When done right, packing can be easy breezy and […]

8 Ways to Save Money This Festival Season

by Melody Koney
Festival season is swiftly approaching! This means that travel plans are underway, time off requests are in, and outrageous outfits are being put together. Ideally, you have your festival tickets already purchased and are putting away money towards all of the other expenses that come with a concert ticket, especially festivals that involves camping. Most of […]

Electric Forest Introduces a Group Camp for Women

by Melody Koney
Have you ever wanted to go to an event but were nervous about being by yourself? Maybe you are concerned about your safety, or simply worried that you will be lonely. Therefore, you end up not purchasing a ticket, and spend the next year kicking yourself that you missed out on such an epic experience. This […]

Festivals: Truths and Misconceptions

by Melody Koney
Lately, there has been a lot of negativity rearing its ugly head in a place that was created with positivity, fun, and happiness in mind. Music festivals used to be about coming together, leaving the daily grind behind for a few days and enjoying music. Nowadays, it seems as if everyone has something bad to […]