Get Ready for Virtual ROO-ALITY

In light of this year’s festival cancellation, Bonnaroo 2020 is hitting our screens. This weekend (September 24-26) will be three days of virtual ROO-ALITY magic. Featuring artists like Metallica, The XX, Big Gigantic, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Subtronics, and so many more, this online festival will mix archived performances and live appearances to give us the full Bonnaroo experience.

Check out the rest of the lineup below!

Party for a good cause!

As always, the Bonnaroo crew is pushing positivity and philanthropy by partnering with Bonnaroo Works, the ACLU, and Headcount, to make our world a better place to give high-fives. Click on the links to learn more about how these organizations support the arts, fight for our rights in court, and support voter registration. Register to VOTE HERE!

The festival is also working with Cheers to Live, a series that emphasizes the impact of this pandemic on live arts, and distributes donations to theaters of your choice.


There will be a Virtual ROO-ALITY Dog Dance Party every day this weekend! Donations will go towards supporting Manchester, TN’s Coffee County Humane Society. Who could say no to a puppy?

Feeling some Robe Rage?

Good, because even a global pandemic won’t cause the farm’s yearly robe themed party to fall by the wayside. All three nights DJs are “bringing the dance party vibes to you” in a series of late-night Robe Rage sets. Break out your own (fuzzy and cozy or see-through and spicy– it’s your house!), or snag a new one from the freshly stocked Bonnaroo store.

Over summer, we talked about bringing festivals home with us… now our wish is being granted! This year, Bonnaroo can light up your living room and rattle your hardwood floors. So, check out the lineup, Snapchat your festival friends, and prepare to kick back for a live stream in style. There will be less sweat, less dirt, less fun (sorry, but it’s a little true), and more… cooking? You won’t know until you tune in 😉

Need some music now? Here’s the 2020 lineup mixtape:

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