Vampire Weekend Bites Again

On Friday, May 25, a picture of an old Sony television, lying smashed on the ground appeared on Instagram.

     A pair of dirty, pinkish socks-in-sandals stand idly by, toes pointed towards the shattered device. Until now, the official Instagram account of indie rock band, Vampire Weekend, had been dormant since 2013.

However, buzzy new images like this one are quickly decorating the band’s reinvigorated social media pages.


     Front man, Ezra Koenig has revealed that the band’s upcoming album is nearly finished. He’s calling it Mitsubishi Macchiato. Koenig has described the album as, “a lil’ more springtime than the last one,” and ensured fans that, “guitar’s not dead.”  Last year, Koenig said the album was “80% done.” Now, the band estimates the album is at a painstaking 94.5 percent completed. Recently posted images included a fuzzy sweater, and a rear windshield sporting an Ojai sticker. Ojai, CA, a small city northwest of Los Angeles, is where the band will host an intimate concert over Father’s Day Weekend. Rumor has it, the New York City based artists will reveal some new music at the small town show. 



     Vampire Weekend has always sported a quirky sense of humor, evident in their online presence. Their return to social media, rife with quirky Seinfeld memes and punny Twitter handles (Vape God Kwassa Kwassa?) shows they haven’t changed a bit.


      The forthcoming album is important for Vampire Weekend, as it will be the band’s first since 2013, Modern Vampires of the City. It is also the band’s first major recording since former keyboardist, Rostam Batmanglij left the band in 2016. Following the record that Rolling Stone named best album of 2013, Vampire Weekend’s next venture will have big shoes to fill. 


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