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Electric Forest Weekend 1 Sunday Photo 054

Why Did Electric Forest Go Back to One Weekend?

by Katy Clark
Electric Forest has gone back to their old ways, choosing to return to a single weekend festival run rather than a back-to-back weekend run. But why? Although “The more, the merrier” is usually the theme when it comes to massive festivals like Electric Forest, the reduction has a purpose. For 8 consecutive years now, this […]
Electric Forest Thursday Photo 54

Electric Forest Beyond The Music: Installations, Artists and More

by meganetarter
The main attraction of most music festivals is the actual music, but at Electric Forest there’s more than just music to enchant festival goers. Sure, Electric Forest always has an amazing line-up with killer headliners and undercard artists and bands, but the Forest would be nothing without the extraordinary art installations, live artists and other […]

Electric Forest Releases 2016 Schedule, Map, & App

by Mark Reddington
The long awaited Electric Forest 2016 schedule has just been released by HQ. Keeping up the theme of last year, schedules will not be distributed to help the environment, and attendees are encouraged to print their own copies if they would like a physical copy. Schedule The full Electric Forest schedule can be viewed on […]

Electric Forest Introduces a Group Camp for Women

by Melody Koney
Have you ever wanted to go to an event but were nervous about being by yourself? Maybe you are concerned about your safety, or simply worried that you will be lonely. Therefore, you end up not purchasing a ticket, and spend the next year kicking yourself that you missed out on such an epic experience. This […]