Why Did Electric Forest Go Back to One Weekend?

Electric Forest has gone back to their old ways, choosing to return to a single weekend festival run rather than a back-to-back weekend run.

But why?

Although “The more, the merrier” is usually the theme when it comes to massive festivals like Electric Forest, the reduction has a purpose.

For 8 consecutive years now, this summer being the 9th, the Double JJ Resort has been the home to forest-goers from all around the world. The land got a break in 2010, but in 2008 and 2009, a festival called Rothbury was held there hosting more rock and jam bands before being taken over by Electric Forest.

In 2017 and 2018, the land had expanded the festival to two. back-to-back weekends. These weekends were wildly successful, but came with a cost. The clean-up took weeks longer than anticipated.

Fox News found the lengthy time upset locals, resident Randy Smith stated, “Now that the people are gone there’s just a lot of debris everywhere. I see crews picking it up, but it’s a big task.” To keep the community content & the magic of the forest alive, festival organizers decided to treat the land the way it treats us; with love.

The expansion was reduced back to one weekend because protecting and curating the grounds are vital to the festival’s longevity.

On top of the conservation of the grounds, the reduction was also put in place so that they could go through with expansions and improvements. According to an email blast sent out by the Electric Forest Team, the plan includes new things like upgraded landscapes, areas with new grass, infrastructure additions, and more! Sounds like a win-win to me.

Due to the reduction, this left a very limited amount of tickets available. Which resulted in the festival SELLING OUT in less than 2 hours after regular GA tickets went on sale. You can join the Official EF Ticket Exchange, go through a third party websites, such as StubHub and TicketMaster.

While this leaves thousands of people upset or excited, this decision will ensure success for the festival overall and more importantly, ensure preservation for the years to come. See you in the Forest <3

Katy Clark

Hey! I'm Katy and I'm from Madison, Wisconsin. I enjoy long walks on the beach and bass in my face. I LOVE all genres of EDM and will rave to my grave.

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