Internet Rallies Behind Teenager and His Guitar

Despite its reputation for being one of the worst places on the earth, the Internet managed to rally behind teenager Johnny Crow in one of the best ways possible.

If you don’t know who Johnny is, you may have seen him as the subject of a recent video that went viral not too long ago. Johnny received a Dean Razorback for his sixteenth birthday, a special gift from his dad, who ordered it before passing away from a heart attack back in April. The video of Johnny receiving the guitar became a surprise viral sensation that managed to tug on the heartstrings of almost everyone who saw it.

However, the story doesn’t end there. After the video became viral, the owner of Port Huron Music Center and Grove Mall, where the guitar was bought, invited Reddit users to donate money for Johnny’s guitar lessons through PayPal. The Kickstarter brought in more than $16,000 in donations.

At this point, it seems that Johnny might be able to afford the best guitar lessons in the world, this time with a new Jackson King V guitar that was purchased for him by another Reddit user. But wait, there’s more! Upon learning of Johnny’s upcoming attendance to an Alice Cooper show, Cooper’s guitarist, Nita Strauss, arranged for the teen to come backstage and meet Alice Cooper himself.

Despite the Internet’s reputation, it is times like these that go to show that there are people out there who are willing to care for one another.

David Gagnon

Born in the Chicago suburb of Wheaton, Dave has laid down his soul to the gods rock n' roll. He attended Columbia College Chicago as a major in Creative Writing. Some of his favorite things are heavy metal and pizza.

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