Drift Out of Orbit With This New Rezz Single

Rezz released a new song this past week, following her slew of other singles to drop in 2020. “Orbit” is synth-heavy and soothing, rocking back and forth in waves of hypnotic rhythm. Billboard describes this latest spacey jam as “a relatively ambient affair” saying, “Rezz is taking us on a trip to deep space with her newest single.”

“Orbit” features Rezz alone, mixing it up after her recent collaborations with artists like Grabbitz and PEEKABOO. I love a good collab but, there is something special about a single all her own, and so fitting that it sparkles through my speakers with such a peaceful energy. The song has an iridescent quality– a gentleness that makes you want to lean back gently and close your eyes (which, after Halloween, is exactly what I need).

The soft vocals fade in and out, giving this single an airiness that could whisper me right to sleep. It’s as if Rezz knew exactly what we needed right now– some serenity, I mean. The election is looming and students are scrambling. COVID-19 is spiking again and it’s dark before 6 pm. Now, when the sky gets gloomy so early, I can turn on “Orbit” and bask in the soft glow of this latest spacey jam.

Listen Now 🙂

Mallory Dwortz

UofM grad, loves reading, writing, and blurry pictures

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