Boston Manor Shows a New Side

On the first day of May, the British pop-punk band Boston Manor released their heavily anticipated third album, GLUE. Following the release of their sophomore album, Welcome to the Neighbourhood, this album follows the bands’ mixture of heavy breakdowns with confident clean vocals. The 13 song tracklist brings the album to almost an hour in length that fans were happy with.

The opening song on the album, “Everything Is Ordinary,” sets the tone. With energetic and heavy sounds, this song provides for a cathartic experience. This is a new pace for the band, which surprised fans. Within the first track of the album, Henry Cox’s voice lures listeners in,
“Hey, what’s the rush? Don’t leave now we’re just getting started.”

On top of the opening track, the album is full of high energy songs that will be perfect when concerts come back. “1’s & 0’s,” “You, Me & the Class War,” and “Ratking” have the angry and in your face approach. This album is a great example of how Boston Manor is pushing their boundaries with each release.

Just because the album has a lot of cathartic heavier songs doesn’t mean the band didn’t stick to their roots with a bit more of a pop-punk approach on some songs. “Plasticine Dreams,” “Terrible Love,” and “Stuck in the Mud” are a bit more laidback type of songs that allow the band to showcase a different side of their talent without slowing the momentum of the album.

Overall, Boston Manor shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. GLUE showcases every talent the band has, down to the punchy guitar and intense drumming. The album mixes confidence with vulnerability,  anger with acceptance. 

Go check out GLUE available on all music streaming platforms now!

Mickayla Whitt

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