AC/DC Drummer Pleads Guilty to Charges

Photo from Rolling Stone Magazine
Photo from Rolling Stone Magazine

On April 21st, Phil Rudd, drummer for legendary hard rock band AC/DC, pleaded guilty to charges of threatening to kill and possession of drugs in a New Zealand court, despite saying in December that he would not plead guilty on all counts.

A recent report by CNN got a hold of the court summary about Rudd’s motive and who he was threatening:

“According to a court summary, Rudd fired several employees because the release of his solo album in August had flopped in the charts. A month later, he called an associate and said he wanted his personal assistant ‘taken out’.

He later called the victim – his personal assistant- on the phone and said, ‘I’m coming over and kill you.'”


Rudd then continued calling the assistant until his assistant realized who was calling, hung up, and eventually filed charges. A warrant to search Rudd’s New Zealand property issued in November revealed 91 grams of Marijuana stashed around the house as well as the methamphetamine that Rudd had in his pockets. However, Rudd was arrested on a charge of murder-for-hire, which was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

Rudd remains on bail until his sentencing in June.


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