Electric Forest 2020 Officially Cancelled

Here Lies Electric Forest, Summer 2020, taken from us too soon.

Electric Forest has joined the ranks of canceled events this summer, according to their official website. It’s a smart and pragmatic (and, for entirely selfish reasons, disappointing) move from the organizers, who are reacting to the very real threat of the spread of COVID-19, as well as the climate of uncertainty regarding the future of social gatherings.

After the Rothbury Village Council disapproved of alternate dates for 2020, Electric Forest organizers were forced to cancel (or “postpone”) the 2020 festival all together.

Fans who have already purchased their tickets will have the option to be refunded or to hang onto their wristband for the return of the event in 2021.

Until then, let’s all try to forget that this was on track to be arguably the most stacked EF lineup ever, and hope they have a strong comeback planned for 2021. For more information, check the Electric Forest website

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