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The spread of Covid-19 has been classified as a pandemic, we have seen the steps taken over the last couple of weeks to try and contain it. One of the major steps taken in Chicago, and other places across the world, is the Shelter-in-Place rules. These rules are basically encouraging citizens to stay indoors to help prevent the spread of the virus. These precautionary steps have led to the closing of a lot of stores, restaurants, parks, trails, and other establishments, leaving people to resort to entertaining themselves from the inside of their own homes.

One of the ways that musicians have responded to being restricted to their homes is the use of Instagram Live. Singer John Legend held an Instagram Live concert on his page where he played piano and sang live. He played some of his hits and even covered several popular songs with the company of his wife and kids.

Another performance came from Dj D-Nice, who performed an entire set on his Instagram live that grew to 100,000 viewers, including President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama. Since his performance, I have seen spanish police offering musical performances to people under quarantine, DJs putting on other free shows to their neighborhoods and multiple other kind acts. Good to see people still showing unity and uplifted spirits in this very trying time.

Eric Hendrix

Just a native south side Chicago kid with an opinion or two.

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  1. Well said Eric. It is great that musicians are servicing the people.

    They’re servicing us out of the kindness of their hearts. With many unemployed it’s good to receive an escape from all of the mounting stresses. Music is impactful and change lives; music certainly uplifted my spirits during this time, it’s like medicine.

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