Live Nation Rolling Out Enhanced Security Procedures for All Events

Increased security searches and protocols at concerts and festivals may be the new norm in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena attack.

Live Nation, one of the world’s largest ticket sellers and concert promoters, has allegedly announced stricter security procedures in place for all events. This comes as no surprise considering the attack at Manchester arena, which claimed the lives of 22 people, was carried out by a suicide bomber who carried a backpack with a hidden improvised explosive device full of shrapnel.

The following flier has been spreading across social media accounts for various Live Nation affiliated events:


The flier reads: “Special Notice: Due to enhanced security procedures no bags or backpacks will be permitted into the venue except for small personal bags or purses (12”x12”x6” max) or clear 1 gallon bags. All bags will be subject to a search. We encourage you to not bring in any bag whatsoever and make use of the express “No Bag” lanes. Expect delays entering the venue due to heightened security procedures.”

While Live Nation has not released an official statement regarding heightened security procedures, many festival and concert goers are left wondering what effects this could have, especially in regards to Camelbaks and other hydration packs, which have become, for many people, essential items for events.

It seems that Live Nation means to include Camelbaks and other water-holding receptacles in the same standards of measurements as regular bags, backpacks and purses (12”x12”x6” max) as stated in the flier. Camelbaks and other water-holding receptacles must also be completely empty upon entrance to the event.

Live Nation’s safety and security page outlines the following procedures and instructions:
1. Arrive Early
2. Inspection
3. Travel Light
4. Take Notice
5. See Something, Say Something
6. Not Permitted

Included in the Not Permitted section: “weapons of any kind, alcohol, illegal drugs/substances, glass containers, cans, hard sided/large coolers, large or oversized bags/backpacks, laser pointers, non-service animals and fireworks.”

Live Nation promotes and sells tickets for many events, both domestic and abroad, including Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, EDC Las Vegas, Lollapalooza, Governor’s Ball, Paradiso, Music Midtown and many more.

A few weeks ago, Live Nation made many music-lovers wildest dreams come true with their “Festival Passport,” which allowed entry to more than 90 festivals for a price of $799. The passports sold out within seconds of being made available and obviously these new security procedures will be in effect at the dozens of festivals included in the passport.


However, individual festivals such as Bonnaroo have already begun issuing statements, albeit informal, that highlight the importance of safety while also pushing back on the strict security measures, especially those in regards to Camelbaks.

Regardless of the effects new procedures may have on festival and concert experience, they are done with the safety and security of attendees in mind. Be prepared and expect longer wait times in line and more stringent security searches. Be patient with others waiting in line and treat ESG with respect for doing their jobs to keep everyone safe.

It’s important to remember that while the new security standards may cause a slight inconvenience, they could potentially be a life-saving procedure and are implemented with safety in mind.


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