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Electric Forest Weekend 1 Sunday Photo 054

Why Did Electric Forest Go Back to One Weekend?

by Katy Clark
Electric Forest has gone back to their old ways, choosing to return to a single weekend festival run rather than a back-to-back weekend run. But why? Although “The more, the merrier” is usually the theme when it comes to massive festivals like Electric Forest, the reduction has a purpose. For 8 consecutive years now, this […]
Electric Forest Weekend 1 Sunday Photo 062

Electric Forest 2017: Returning Home For Weekend 1

by marisamae95
Between the exhaustion of working extra hours to save up the money, the stress of getting tickets, the anxiousness of waiting months, and the excitement of getting their wristband in the mail, thousands of people from all across the world felt the relief and happiness of arriving at Electric Forest! I have gone to Electric […]

Electric Forest HQ selects 2017 Monarch to bring drag, and LGBT+ awareness, to Forest

by meganetarter
If there’s a better place than a music festival for someone to be their true self, I haven’t heard of it. Music festivals foster a sense of acceptance and love, no matter who you are. That’s why it’s so important for all to feel welcome and included and that’s why it’s amazing that Electric Forest […]