Gorillaz New Album To Be Released This June

The music world was void of new Gorillaz content for nearly 6 years until they released their new album, “Humanz” just last year. Now, fans can anticipate even more from the unique, cartoon caricatured bunch as they plan another release.

 “The Now Now,” teaser was first discovered by fans after figuring out what the band was teasing by creating the odd, cryptic website,

The link features a video of an eye transforming into the words “The Now Now,” followed by the date June 29, all with an upbeat electronic sound underneath the visuals. This was later confirmed by Emma de Caunes, the wife of the bands famous illustrator, Jamie Hewlett, on Instagram.

This is good news for not just fans of Gorillaz, but for people who were disappointed in their most recent effort.

Their 2017 LP was met with some mixed reviews. Many claimed the album felt too much like a playlist, as it featured nearly a dozen other artists throughout it’s 20 song venture. Taking what they’ve learned from this experience, Gorillaz may be able to put together one of their best works yet.

photo courtesy of Instagram

This should happen, especially if lead singer, David Albarn, can get his old energy back, which seems likely.

With the announcement of this new album, fans should anticipate a single or two shortly. The band debuted the song “Hollywood” during their current tour, so keep on the lookout for a link to that track in the future.

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