To Reschedule or Not To Reschedule

A recent article published here talked about music festival tickets selling out fast (no it didn’t age well, yes I wrote it). Now with a major worldwide event impacting everything from ordering takeout to going on vacation, it seems as if COVID-19 were swallowing the media. It kind of is.

Yes, new music is coming out, but when will we get to go see it? What will happen to our existing concert/festival tickets? It’s a privilege to even be able to ask such selfish questions. There are thousands of people struggling to stay safe and healthy, and here we are, twiddling our thumbs and thinking about Lollapalooza (still on, by the way). I keep trying to remind myself of this important fact, while also watching my favorite festival countdown go from double digits all the way back to triple. Hang in there!

With all that in mind, the live component of music is integral to the experience, both for artist and listener. I’m going to go through the list of festivals I talked about in that previous article, amending what was already said about the dates. Let’s dive in and see what was canceled, what was rescheduled, and what is still standing firm.

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Rolling Loud

From what I can tell, this May festival is sticking to its guns and keeping the current dates. I’m not sure how long this will last, as most other events in the next two months are seemingly jumping over each other to cancel or reschedule.

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Movement has announced their rescheduled dates to be September 11-13 in Detroit. I know this apparent pattern of September weekends is harder on students. If you’re like me, you’ll seriously consider strategically using an extra skip or two this year.

Governors Ball

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Randall’s Island Park is still set to host its usual weekend of music this June! Don’t start freaking out yet. I still have hope for June (despite the result of the next one…whoops, spoilers!).

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Alas, what was once so close is now so far. Bonnaroo has officially been moved from June to September 24-27. I’m not crying… you’re crying.

Electric Forest

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Set to take place at the end of June, Electric Forest has not yet budged on dates. Hopefully it won’t have to! According to The Festive Owl, if EF were to schedule, inside scoops say they’re shooting for September 10th-13th.

It’s easy to see only negatives during this time of many changes and limited social contact, but as far as musical events go, look at it this way…

Maybe these new dates work better for you! It’s a whole lot easier to spend an entire day in the sun in September than it is in the middle of summer (for me anyway). It’s important to consider potential positives, while also remembering that it’s a privilege to even be able to be upset about extra things (like concert tickets). Again, hang in there everyone!

Mallory Dwortz

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