Benny Blanco, Calvin Harris, & Miguel Reveal Heartfelt Story of a Young Refugee

Benny Blanco has remastered his 2018 single featuring Calvin Harris, “I Found You” to be a bit more of a tear-jerker.

In the new version of the song now titled, “I Found You/ Nilda’s Story,” released on January 4, he has incorporated the tranquil vocals of R&B artist Miguel, to tell a heart-rending story of a young woman seeking asylum in the United States with her son, as their last resort to survive. The new recording has both the delicacy, and intensity to expose this controversial topic, as a means to raise awareness of the United States’ immigration policies.

A YouTube video was released along with the restored track, and after watching it, it becomes certain as to why Blanco’s new take on the song had to be so powerful. Similar to his “Eastside” music video with artists, Khalid and Halsey, he uses subtitles along with short clips to disclose the story he is sharing. This one happens to be about the hardships Guatemalan refugee, Nilda and her son Keyden had to endure just before being coerced to flee their home in Honduras.

Benny Blanco made certain that the telling of Nilda’s compelling story would leave viewers un-composed, and his idea to integrate the eloquent sound of Miguel allowed it to do just that.

In addition to unmasking our current immigration policies through his video, Blanco has teamed up with the While They Wait Campaign to help courageous people like Nilda pursue sanctuary in the United States. In his most recent Instagram post, he shares the inspiration behind his work, and the emotional impact that came with it.


With undeniable sincerity, he states:

“Over a 10 day shooting period in Honduras, Mexico, Texas and NY, we tried our best to bring u [Nilda and Keydan’s] story… I’m crying as I write this bc most of us get to do a few simple things everyday… wake up in our bed… know where our family is… know that it’s possible to call them, see them, or even touch them… not have to wear an anklet around their foot for 2 years as they await asylum…. and not b petrified to b sent back to a country where u know ur life is in constant danger… Nilda and Keyden don’t have those luxuries, they are human beings… they deserve a good life… just like u and I.”


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