Oceans: Your Favorite New Producer to Flow To

Italy born future bass producer Oceans is taking Chicago by storm with the release of his new VIP edit of one of his most popular songs — Breathe.

This chill melody co-produced with Emzhi is guaranteed to give you shivers down your spine and make you want to pick up the nearest pair of poi, gloves, or make you just get up and groove out.

Since the release of the original Breathe back in January, both Emzhi and Oceans has accomplished and learned a slew of new production techniques and wanted to bring his fans a new and improved sound. According to Oceans, the VIP edit brings you “stronger and punchier sounds”, or as Carnage would say: “it’s way more louder”.

Oceans was born and raised in Italy but moved to the United States at age 18 to go to college at Penn State. Since then, Oceans has made a name for himself at several shows across the country, including NYC and at his college.

Be sure to catch his set at this years Nova New Years Eve, “Chicago’s #1 NYE Party”, hosted at Soundbar.

Listen to the release of Breathe (VIP) here –


Mark Reddington

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