Deadbeats Tour: Zeds Dead @ Aragon Ballroom

Chicago has been DYING for a not only just a Zeds Dead show, but a back-to-back show at the famous Aragon Ballroom. But, we’re just as spoiled because they played an additional TWO after shows as well.


While I was unable to attend night 1, I only heard nothing but loads of heavy drops and lots of throwbacks. I definitely feel like night 2 DESTROYED. It was the perfect blend of trap, DIRTY drops, body-rocking and cruising songs.

We caught the last 25 minutes of Blanke, and holy crap, I have been missing out! He knew exactly what he was doing, how to rock the crowd, and has a lot of potential. I can’t wait to see where he goes. He got the whole place hyped up for not only Zeds Dead, but for 1788-L.

I have seen 1788-L a few times, but this was the first time his set was nothing like before. Deeper, more harder, and experimental. I’m used to him having a few heavier drops here and there, some Rezz-like tones, but this set was the opposite.

Lights dim, and everyone starts cheering and screaming. Hooks and DC come out and start throwing down what we all needed. One moment you’re singing your heart out to “Shut Up & Sing V2.0” then the next you’re getting down to some filthy drop.

I will say, this Zeds Dead set was filled with more trap/body-grooving songs, or SUPER hard drops, and there was no in between. I loved it. An hour and a half was not enough, and probably not even four shows.

When they say that Zeds Dead never disappoints, I 100% agree. I have never seen the same set from the boys, and I continue to be amazed and surprised every show.

Speaking of surprises… that Zeds Dead X Rezz collab at the end though… PLEASE release that ASAP! The amount of unreleased tracks they drop makes me continue to see Zeds Dead because I know that they are always treating us to new music.

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