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Small Venues with Big Impact

by Julia Colasanti
There is nothing quite like live music at a small venue. The feeling of the sticky floor flexing beneath your feet struggling to cradle your jump. The surreal connection you form with the artist. The swaying fans channeling one collective emotion. The emerging concert couples navigating a new layer of love with each verse. The […]

Does Size Really Matter?

by Sarah Roberts
We all go to concerts. The motivation behind each show we attend can differ. Do we go because of the performer, the location, the price, the atmosphere or something else entirely? While a great performer can make an arena with a 50,000-person capacity feel as intimate as a coffee shop performance, you can’t deny that […]

Deadbeats Tour: Zeds Dead @ Aragon Ballroom

by marisamae95
Chicago has been DYING for a not only just a Zeds Dead show, but a back-to-back show at the famous Aragon Ballroom. But, we’re just as spoiled because they played an additional TWO after shows as well. SO. MUCH. WUBS. While I was unable to attend night 1, I only heard nothing but loads of […]

Ring in the Spring With These Upcoming Chicago Shows

by Ben LaScola
Springtime in Chicago means we can finally crawl out of the dark, Netflix naps we’ve been taking since Thanksgiving. With the warm weather comes more fun things to do that were unavailable during the frigid months. In honor of the coming thaw, here’s a list of some must-see concerts coming to Chicago this spring. March […]

Virtual Self: UTOPIA at Aragon Ballroom (Photos & Review)

by marisamae95
Virtual Self, AKA Porter Robinson’s most recent project, has without a doubt blown the crowd away with his tour set, visuals, and light show. Last year in October Porter Robinson announced a new project called Virtual Self, followed by a 5 track EP released last November and a tour announcement for 2018. The highly anticipated […]