Lost Lands Music Festival Photos & Review

Lost Lands Music Festival took place September 29th– October 1st at Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio. Jeff Abel (Excision) managed to pull one of the best bass festivals yet! From the real-sized dinosaurs with real butt holes to inflatable dinosaurs raging, this festival is hard to beat. It brought out a crowd of dedicated headbangers from all over who truly understand and embody the meaning of unity.

© Mark Reddington Photography

At first, I was worried this would be filled with a bunch of bass-heads and rude people. But, if you have ever attended Electric Forest, the vibe was better than that. The crowd created a new level of a positive vibe filled with more than respect than usual. Some may have said that it was too much bass music, or everything they wanted, but personally, I finally felt at home with music lovers of a specific genre, dancing like I’ve always loved to dance. It was refreshing and exciting at the same time. In a weird way, I felt at home.

Both stages were on an incline, so everyone in the crowd had a clear view of the performance no matter where they stood. There was plenty of room throughout the festival for this massive crowd.

Hills all around the stage provided a higher view or needed extra elevation, and a long line of trees with LED lights for the people that preferred to relax. The stage design was amazing and beautifully decorated with a unique prehistoric fashion. The main stage had volcanoes, dinosaurs, and the paradox with its mind-blowing visuals.

The other stage had a “cave-like” design. When you approached that stage, there was visuals on the outside of the tent and the inside was filled with cave rocks hanging from the top, lasers and lights all over.

© Mark Reddington Photography

I asked attendees who their favorite set was. Aside from Excision, some of the responses were, “Illenium!!! I cried 4 times, like always”, “That Excision back-to-back Datsik though”, “Destroid, it was lit, literally”, “My space mom, Rezz”, “I feel bad if you missed Herobust or 12th Planet”, “Snails, Liquid Stranger, Seven Lions, and Protohype were my top for the weekend”.

After the festival ended, Jeff mentioned that there were 0 medical transports the whole weekend and he was in shock by how clean we left the campgrounds. From Jeff orchestrating everything up at the top, down to the volunteers who just wanted to help in the execution of his vision, talent, and this experience, Lost Lands will be unforgettable in the minds of every attendee. Everyone showed unwavering dedication and discipline in making sure that this was one festival filled with absolute perfection.

Lost Lands 2017 Photo Gallery

Photos by Mark Reddington Photography

Lost Lands stands in my top favorite festivals yet, and I can not wait to return next year. Stay tuned to @RedRollOfficial on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, www.redroll.com for photos and videos!!

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