Porter Robinson “Wishing” Us Well

Porter just dropped a new single, “Get Your Wish” and it’s everything we waited for!

Porter Robinson gave us a new single this week titled, “Get Your Wish” that dives into an emotional side of electronic music we don’t always get to see. This song ventures into fraught waters as Robinson puts listeners in touch with energies we are not always expecting from him. This artist, who I once introduced to my friend as a Jai Wolf-esque, rips the skin off of the typical electronic animal in this new release.

It gives off some comforting pop energy, while still granting listeners access to Robinson’s inner conflict and struggles at work during this time in his career. This song will become part of his second album, coming out soon in 2020. This album will follow his debut Worlds and will serve as his next message to the music world.

On Spotify, he created a playlist of certain works that inspired him to write this new song. He says the the artists and specific jams present here represent his mindset for this latest release. He calls it “cherished music” and it is definitely worth a listen. There is always value in getting a peek into the inner workings of the artists we continuously follow. The songs he lists here are apparently integral to the production and vibe of this new song, “Get Your Wish” and we should all definitely keep this playlist in mind as we patiently await Porter Robinson’s next album.

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