RE:VISION Chicago 2015 Review & Photos

RE:VISION Chicago Photo 96
Papadosio @ Concord Music Hall

With a sold out show and a killer atmosphere, it’s not hard to say that Chicago loves Papadosio. People were lining up and jamming their way into the Concord to see the rhythmic group do their thing and ignite the audience.

Fans from all over the Midwest came out to be dazzled by these amazing works of art, being able to experience a colorful array of tones throughout an evening of fellowship with people alike. Feedback was good for the overall production of the event and when asking around there seemed to be no complaints except for the inevitable heat, stuffiness, and the odor of dreads in the air.

RE:VISION Chicago Photo 21
Jason Brammer Live Painting @ Concord Music Hall

      The bar was definitely busy serving plentiful drinks to the crowd and the venue also tried a new feature this night for their guests, a designated smoking area for the guests to enjoy unlike before where they did not have one. Although people felt like the smoking area was too crowded and there was even an unnecessary line to get in and out, the true fans were here for the art and the music, sticking it out to enjoy the fractal psychedelic visually enhanced audio galore on the floor. The awesome Live art by Alex Grey and all other artists really was an awesome feature to the show boosting up the “awe” effect for all viewers to appreciate.


The production was that of a masterpiece, with beautiful displays of art all around, promoting the beauty of the mind and body. When art meets music, you receive an array of emotions that empower your mind and body to do great things.

Thank you In The Loop Productions, Silver Wrapper and Euphonic Conceptions, Alex Grey Allyson Grey, Sam Flores, Jason Brammer, Jonathan Singer papadosio, Thriftworks, Desert Dwellers, Psydell, Concord venue and staff, but a special thanks to the audience for showing support and coming out to make this a wonderful night.

View the gallery of photos from the event below:


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