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Grapetooth: Bringing the 80’s Back to Chicago

by Daniel Friedland
Chicago natives Clay Frankel, singer from Twin Peaks, and producer Chris Bailoni decided on a drunk whim in 2015 to make music together. 3 years later, they released their debut, self-titled album, Grapetooth. The Album Grapetooth’s dreamy 80s synth-pop vibes sound like the musical representation of the kid wearing sunglasses in the breakfast club. The […]

A Young Angel of The West Side

by brebeierle
Photo by Bryan Allen Lamb

Getting to Know Adia

by channaweird
Adia is a wonderful songstress that I had the pleasure of coming across last year over the summer at a listening party. Adia caught my attention with her strong and melodic vocals, her voice is unique, and her style is something that I haven’t heard from the Chicago scene before. So, I made it my […]