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Small Venues with Big Impact

by Julia Colasanti
There is nothing quite like live music at a small venue. The feeling of the sticky floor flexing beneath your feet struggling to cradle your jump. The surreal connection you form with the artist. The swaying fans channeling one collective emotion. The emerging concert couples navigating a new layer of love with each verse. The […]

Does Size Really Matter?

by Sarah Roberts
We all go to concerts. The motivation behind each show we attend can differ. Do we go because of the performer, the location, the price, the atmosphere or something else entirely? While a great performer can make an arena with a 50,000-person capacity feel as intimate as a coffee shop performance, you can’t deny that […]

Spring Awakening Music Festival After Parties Announced

by meganetarter
There really is nothing worse than a concert ending before you’re ready for it to end. When the lights come on and everybody starts heading towards the exit, you can’t help but feel sad and wish the music and magic would continue forever. The answer to post-show sadness is, of course, after-parties. After-parties can sometimes be more […]

Figure @ Concord Music Hall 11.19 Photos

by Rich SanFilippo
From crazy stage performers to headbanging fans, spirits were high all throughout the night. Chicago was just one stop of many on FIGURE‘s tour, showcasing his new album GRAVITY. Red Roll was there to snap some awesome shots! Check out his album as well as the roll of pictures below!

THURSDAY: Figure at Concord Music Hall

by Mark Reddington
Chicago, prepare to experience an abundance of bass. With the announcement of Figure’s new album GRAVITY, Figure will be returning to Chicago this Thursday (11/19) at Concord Music Hall. Figure, a heavy bass producer from Evansville, Indiana, has toured and played events all across the world such as EDC, Tomorrow World, Global Dance, and Belgium’s Dour. If you’re […]