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Producer and Artist Black Noi$e Surrenders to the “Oblivion” of Darkness

by Maddy Ipema
Black Noi$e is the first artist/producer to officially join and sign to the rapper, Earl Sweatshirt’s, independent label, Tan Cressida. Black Noi$e’s first contribution to the label is the release of his brand new album “Oblivion” which possesses features from Earl Sweatshirt himself, Danny Brown, Bbbymutha – and many more. Black Noi$e is quite a […]

Earl Sweatshirt’s “FEET OF CLAY” Finds Re-Birth Amongst Destruction

by Maddy Ipema
Earl Sweatshirt emerged from his cave with the release of his new EP, “FEET OF CLAY” that dropped on November 1 of 2019. Sweatshirt’s last project, “Some Rap Songs” was only 25 minutes in length total, averaging out to each song only being about a minute and a half long. “Some Rap Songs” proved Sweatshirt […]