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Freddie Gibbs Refuses to Remain Unacknowledged in His New Single, “Big Boss Rabbit”

by Maddy Ipema
Freddie Gibbs is stepping into 2021 with a new-found sense of confidence and a profound desire to be acknowledged for the art he has contributed to this generation’s line up of MC’s. From first glance, Freddie Gibbs doesn’t seem like the type of man or artist to have ever struggled with his confidence.  We picture […]

Conway Releases ‘From King To God’

by Eric Hendrix
On September 11th, Griselda Record’s Conway The Machine released his debut studio album titled, From King To God. Conway is the brother of rapper Westside Gunn, and cousin to Benny The Butcher. He is arguably the most skilled rapper of the group, and it shows every time he picks up a microphone. Conway’s Background Conway […]

BLACK LIVES MATTER: A Playlist for The Black Revolution

by Maddy Ipema
This is a playlist in solidarity with The BLACK LIVES MATTER Movement, a soundtrack to the Black Revolution all composed of Black Artists using their art and voices to speak on the Black Experience in America. These artists have dedicated their craft towards enacting change, speaking their truth, and inspiring and pleading America to rise […]

Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist’s New Album, “Alfredo” Is The Soundtrack to The Black Revolution

by Maddy Ipema
Rapper Freddie Gibbs has just dropped a brand-new album, Alfredo, in collaboration with producer, The Alchemist. Gibbs’ last album, Bandana, that dropped back in 2019 showed him tag-teaming with notorious producer Madlib who is known to have quite a fantastical, mystical quality to his beats. Madlib was the perfect paradox to Gibbs’ more hard-demeanor in […]

The Rise of Gibbs

by Eric Hendrix
There has been an argument around the state of Hip Hop and Rap recently. Concerns with where the importance of the genre is being placed right now have been raised. Is the focus on the lyrics and subject matter or is the focus on the sound and production quality? This is an argument I see […]