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Flume Resurfaces From Down Under With New Mixtape “Hi This Is Flume”

by brebeierle
Aussie producer Harley Edward Streten, or who we know best as Flume, is back to say hello with a new tape full of long-awaited fresh tracks. It’s been nearly two years since Flume has released new music, and boy are we glad he’s back. Since his album “Skin”, which he delivered to the world in […]

Odesza Releasing New Music TOMORROW!

by meganetarter
While Odesza has been quiet on the new music front over the past year, it seems the duo will finally be releasing something new. Their Spotify account was recently updated with a new playlist, seemingly in Morse Code, which has led fans to believe new music is on its way. The playlist, titled “…._/..___…..” was […]