Flume Resurfaces From Down Under With New Mixtape “Hi This Is Flume”

Aussie producer Harley Edward Streten, or who we know best as Flume, is back to say hello with a new tape full of long-awaited fresh tracks.

It’s been nearly two years since Flume has released new music, and boy are we glad he’s back. Since his album “Skin”, which he delivered to the world in 2016, we’ve been playing “Tiny Cities” and “Never Be Like You” on repeat. Now, with summer just around the corner, we finally have a whole new set of brilliant songs to roll the windows down and vibe to.

After Flume announced the big news yesterday, feedback swared all social media platforms with energy and enthusiasm. That is, before the mixtape had even dropped. A tweet I noticed particularly, was from Chet Porter, who is also an electronic producer. He recently just got done performing with ODESZA at their getaway music festival “Sundara”. Regarding Flume’s new mixtape, he said,

new flume is soooo fucking good wow. fuck. i haven’t actually heard it yet i’m just tweeting this in advance cos i know it’s gonna be fire. but wow so fucking good tho eh

Chet Porter

Of course I retweeted because the feelings were more than mutual. Now that I’ve been listening to the mixtape since it released around 3PM CST, I can clarify that yes, the new Flume is “soooo fucking good WOW”.

The 17 tracks are remotely similar in the way that they are choppy with shooting dynamics, but they all compliment each other with their high-spirited rhythms. Although they may seem all over the place, the transitions between songs flow effortlessly between each other, giving the entire mixtape a singular vibe.

My favorite songs I’ve heard so far, would have to be “Jewel” and “MUD”. Throughout, Flume is able to maintain a constant vibe throughout each song, while still incorporating his original, unorthodox beats. The sensations go from light and airy scrambled sounds, to heavy, animated bass. The combination of it all makes for one hell-of-a mixtape, and an overall energy that I can’t wait to experience throughout the summer.

Speaking of summer- lineups all over the globe have been releasing constantly throughout the past few months. Just today, the Lollapalooza lineup was released, and SURPRISE! Flume is not only back with a brand-new set of music, but is back headlining one of the Midwest’s biggest music festivals.

Now, after you go impulsively buy your Lolla 2019 pass, go for a drive, roll your windows down, and endure the uproar of “Hi This Is Flume” for yourself.


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