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What’s Going on with Scooter Braun and Taylor Swift?

by stephescobar8
The music industry is a very complex industry. There is a lot to understand when it comes to helping artists become successful. The industry itself can make it tricky for an artist to succeed, especially when it becomes all about the money and forgetting about what the artist wants for their career. I became interested […]

Wakaan Fest- Who, What, Where, When?

by Katy Clark
Liquid Stranger’s label – Wakaan – has just announced that they will be curating their first ever festival. EEK!!! Not only is this huge for Liquid Stranger, but everybody else on the label as well. If you like your music bass-wavy, time-tripping, wubulicious, and quite frankly weird, you will NOT want to miss this festival.  So, […]

The Merchandise Era in Music

by stephescobar8
What’s the issue? Artist in recent years have had a difficult time on profiting solely on their music sales. “In 2017, artists captured just 12% of music revenue” – Citi Global Perspectives and Solution (GPS) states in a report. Sometimes, we tend to forget that a lot of these people who make music rely on […]

5 Economic EDM Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

by Katy Clark
Before I dive into this article, I want to stress there’s a lot more to the EDM scene than dollar signs. For those who’ve had a blissful experience at a show or event, you know the communal spirit I’m talking about. The euphoric energy EDM gives is priceless. Basically, you can’t buy happiness, but you […]

Ne Obliviscaris Seeks to Change the Music Industry

by David Gagnon
In an interesting development, Australian metal maestros, Ne Obliviscaris, have announced a highly ambitious movement to the way bands and their fans can connect with the creation of a consistent and direct line of finance to said bands. In a detailed statement, Ne Obliviscaris discussed how their old system of financing bands through album sales […]