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The Merchandise Era in Music

by stephescobar8
What’s the issue? Artist in recent years have had a difficult time on profiting solely on their music sales. “In 2017, artists captured just 12% of music revenue” – Citi Global Perspectives and Solution (GPS) states in a report. Sometimes, we tend to forget that a lot of these people who make music rely on […]

5 Economic EDM Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

by Katy Clark
Before I dive into this article, I want to stress there’s a lot more to the EDM scene than dollar signs. For those who’ve had a blissful experience at a show or event, you know the communal spirit I’m talking about. The euphoric energy EDM gives is priceless. Basically, you can’t buy happiness, but you […]

Ne Obliviscaris Seeks to Change the Music Industry

by David Gagnon
In an interesting development, Australian metal maestros, Ne Obliviscaris, have announced a highly ambitious movement to the way bands and their fans can connect with the creation of a consistent and direct line of finance to said bands. In a detailed statement, Ne Obliviscaris discussed how their old system of financing bands through album sales […]