Wakaan Fest- Who, What, Where, When?

Liquid Stranger’s label – Wakaan – has just announced that they will be curating their first ever festival. EEK!!!

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Not only is this huge for Liquid Stranger, but everybody else on the label as well. If you like your music bass-wavy, time-tripping, wubulicious, and quite frankly weird, you will NOT want to miss this festival. 

So, you’re intrigued. What’s the 411 with this whole thing? 


Well for one, Liquid Stranger, of course! My guess is that he will play more than one set because he is the head of the Wakaan label. A sunrise set would be quite the treat, fingers crossed! 

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I predict other artist from the Wakaan label will also be there, which include names like, Space Jesus, Wuki, Peakaboo, Esseks, Yheti, Shlump, Champange Drip, LSDream, Minnesota, Toadface & more!

Another thing to hope for is that most of these artists have worked together on music before, so many b2b’s are to be expected be on the lineup, and spontaneously on stage.

Imagine a b2b of EVERY artist on the Wakaan label..PURE INSANITY. 

*Reiterating that these are predictions, and that there is no formal lineup out yet, and updates will be made once it is*



A music festival, duh! 

If you don’t know exactly what that is, don’t feel too bad, because it can be hard to put into words. My advice is just go; you will see what all the hype is about.

If this is your first festival, and you’re a little more focused on the “What” aspect (What should I expect? What should I bring? Are there toilets?) Then I would:

#1) Follow Wakaan on social media: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated when news about the fest arrives.

#2) Read up on firsthand festival accounts! You’ll get a better idea of what is in store. You can read my firsthand account of a festival called Forbidden Kingdom here.

If you’re more confused on what to bring, you can click here for an article addressing all your festival necessities.


This is the cool part! Taking place at Mulberry Mountain Lodging and Events in the left-hand corner of Arkansas, this festival is actually located inside Ozark National Forest. 

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If you’ve ever been to Backwoods Music Festival, you know exactly where you’re going. Wakaan Fest and Backwoods share the same music venue! You can expect camping, shady trees, glorious mountains, and lots of room for activities


There is a lot of information yet to be released, but a save the date was announced for October 3-6. I don’t know Arkansas too well, but where I’m from (Wisconsinites whaddup!) it gets pretty cold around this time of year so I’d definitely double check the weather before you go to make sure you’re packing accordingly.

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Overall, I’m so pumped for more info to be released on this! I will keep updates on this so you can check back for the latest news, or follow  Wakaan Festival social media to stay informed 


Stay groovy bbs!


Katy Clark

Hey! I'm Katy and I'm from Madison, Wisconsin. I enjoy long walks on the beach and bass in my face. I LOVE all genres of EDM and will rave to my grave.

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