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Chicago’s Own, Statik Set To Release New Album

by Katy Clark
J.R. Schramm, professionally known as Statik, is an electro-soul, bass-funky guitarist and audio engineer from Chicago, Illinois. Fusing an array of instruments together with coasting electronic beats, he creates an art that is unique among others in the scene. Statik has put out a collection of singles and 3 albums in his career; A Shift […]

Why I Ditched Pretty Lights On New Years Eve For Steamboat Willie

by KenzieInTheCut
Let’s be honest, where and who you spend your New Year’s with is a big deal!  If you’re the planner of your circle, like me, then you know what it is like to stay up until 4am comparing all the different options just to make sure you all have the perfect time. After endless hours […]