Chicago’s Own, Statik Set To Release New Album

J.R. Schramm, professionally known as Statik, is an electro-soul, bass-funky guitarist and audio engineer from Chicago, Illinois.

Fusing an array of instruments together with coasting electronic beats, he creates an art that is unique among others in the scene. Statik has put out a collection of singles and 3 albums in his career; A Shift in the Paradigm, Outbound, and Signal Theory, but it is now confirmed that a full, 10-track album is set to be released in the near future.

Automavision is a full 10-track album that is a map of Schramm’s styles, and will be sure to take you on a ride. Gratefully, I had the chance to talk with him about the upcoming album and its roots. This is what he had to say:

“By definition, Automavision is a technique in cinematography that randomizes different prospects about the film like angle, pitch, lens, etc…

When writing this album, the word Automavision clicked with me because it translated to how I wrote the album. I had no plans for the style or sound of the tracks; instead I wrote off emotion, and had them do the thinking for me rather than applying previous methods.

Automavision is an album inspired by taking life as it comes rather than trying to plan out, getting a random perspective and going with it, running through life without a direction; and yet still finding beauty through it all.” 

Photo Courtesy- Instagram: @therealstatik

Talking with him made me even more hyped for this release! If you can’t wait either, he will be playing some unreleased tunes at his upcoming shows on 4/6 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Tickets can be found here, for around $20.

He will also be supporting Manic Focus in Denver on 4/26. Tickets can be found here, for around $25.

Appearances have been made at venues across the country and recent festivals such as, Summer Camp Music Festival, Mamby On The Beach, and Spring Awakening. Also opening for big names like Pretty Lights, Gramatik, and Griz, he is a hot artist you definitely want to know.

Statik is apart of the Mammoth Music Group, a management team that is based out of Denver, Colorado. Centered around production consulting and marketing, this genuine conglomerate is a supportive launchpad for artists.

Not to mention, the roster for MMG is freakin’ stacked. Pretty Lights, Papidosio, Manic Focus, Marvel Years, Statik, and more! Moves have been made for the 28-year-old musical genius.

This man’s ride has been exponential, and there’s only more to come!

Make sure to check him out on the platforms below!



Instagram: @therealstatik


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