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Chicago’s Own, Statik Set To Release New Album

by Katy Clark
J.R. Schramm, professionally known as Statik, is an electro-soul, bass-funky guitarist and audio engineer from Chicago, Illinois. Fusing an array of instruments together with coasting electronic beats, he creates an art that is unique among others in the scene. Statik has put out a collection of singles and 3 albums in his career; A Shift […]

The Mind of The Rising Artist: 3 Interviews

by Daniel Friedland
I interviewed 3 up and coming musicians about the struggles of trying to make it big in a ruthless industry. Jack Harris from Corn on My Dinner Plate: Jack Harris is the guitar player for Corn on my Dinner plate, a five piece Chicago jazz-rock band When was your first gig and how d...

Is SoundCloud Dead?

by Daniel Friedland
In August 2017, Digital Music News published an article written by Paul Resnikoff suggesting that SoundCloud was en route to its end. SoundCloud had lost nearly 100 million monthly visits (going from 400 million to 300 million). The article suggested that this trend was likely to continue, and within the next couple years, SoundCloud would […]

Is OWSLA selling out with “Weekender” playlists?

by Erin Riedl
Listening to music is a method of relaxation and enjoyment for many. In our modern day society, there are a plethora of avenues used to listen to music. Online listening services and applications, such as Pandora, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc., have become the norm. When logging into certain applications, you may notice the option to pay to […]