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High Fidelity: A Music Listener’s New Favorite TV Show

by Marissa Bachrach
“High Fidelity” is a Hulu Original TV show that premiered on February 14, 2020, inspired by the 1995 novel and 2000 film, both of the same title. Zoë Kravitz plays the main character, Robyn “Rob” Brooks. The show is a romantic comedy that follows Rob, a young Brooklynite who owns a record shop. After ending […]

HBO: A Catalog of Shows and Music

by Marissa Bachrach
As a media junkie, lately, during quarantine, I’ve found myself binging as many movies and TV shows as possible. With that being said, when I’m not watching something, I’m almost always listening to something; whether I’m playing music while doing school work or listening to a podcast to help me fall asleep. As an avid […]

The Bachelor vs Love Island UK: Soundtrack Showdown

by Mallory Dwortz
No spoilers, I pinky promise 😉 This winter I decided to fully immerse myself in the world of dating television. I say that like it was purely for research purposes, but truthfully I’ve started watching these shows and have found myself yelling at the TV like how my dad is while watching sports. Something that […]

Check out These Five Movies and Their Incredible Soundtracks

by Marissa Bachrach
In the midst of the Midwestern winter most of us are experiencing, it doesn’t seem uncommon for weekends and days off to be spent inside binging Netflix. I have definitely been finding myself staying in for movie nights way more often, and I’ve found myself more intrigued by scores and soundtracks than usual. It started […]

Mitski relases new song, "Cop Car" for The Turning soundtrack.

Buckle In, Mitski’s Newest Song Takes You on an Evil Ride

by carolinepejcinovic
After globally touring in 2019, Mitski announced a hiatus before ending her tour in her home town of New York City, stating it will be her “last show indefinitely.” While Mitski is on hiatus, she is definitely not staying quiet, in fact, she is helping create sounds for The Turning, a mind-bending horror film directed […]

The Top 5 Soundtracks Right Now

by Ben LaScola
As you already know, there are tons of great shows available on fast-developing streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Many of these shows feature compelling soundtracks that give more personality and emotion to each episode. A good soundtrack is more than a list of popular songs. It should be a collection that adds something […]