Buckle In, Mitski’s Newest Song Takes You on an Evil Ride

After globally touring in 2019, Mitski announced a hiatus before ending her tour in her home town of New York City, stating it will be her “last show indefinitely.” While Mitski is on hiatus, she is definitely not staying quiet, in fact, she is helping create sounds for The Turning, a mind-bending horror film directed by Floria Sigismondi released on Jan. 24, 2020.

Mitski contributed “Cop Car,” a brooding, grunge hit that encapsulates the film’s eerie, perplexing tone. The talented singer-songwriter is no stranger to intensely gloomy guitar riffs, yet “Cop Car” is presumably shades darker than Bury Me At Makeout Creek, her most raw and emotional album to date.

Similar to the film’s dangle between fantasy and reality, Mitski foreshadows something far more sinister than the eye can see, “I am cool, I am gentle, I can make you laugh/ Don’t think about the past it’s always there anyway/ I will never die.”

It is unclear to the listener whether to take Mitski’s hand on a path of evil or turn around and forget you ever met.

The Turning will not be one of this year’s best, however, the soundtrack will continue to stand out thanks to the artists who contributed. Courtney Love, Soccer Mommy and Kali Uchis are just a few other notable artists who make the thriller more tolerable. If the film isn’t on your list, the soundtrack is definitely worth a listen.


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