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Sparkle Without Hurting the Environment – UK Festivals Ban Glitter

by Erin Riedl
Glitter is being banned from music festivals:   Glitter has become an increasingly popular accessory for music festival attendees. The craft supply, which never seems to fully disappear from hair and clothing, is causing a bigger issue – it is hurting the Earth. The UK is taking a stand against this tiny combination of plastic, and […]

Get Down to Some Josh Brown

by Ashley Eyes
Are you sick of all the watered down electronic music being pushed out in an attempt to draw in the masses? Have you been feeling fed up with unimaginative tracks that lack any semblance of true art? Let Josh Brown be the cure to your EDM blues! Dripping in originality, spunk, and (of course) lots of […]

Metal Hammer Magazine Goes Under After 30 Years

by David Gagnon
Since 1983, Metal Hammer magazine has been providing fans with up to date news about bands, albums, and everything related to the metal scene. But now the future looks uncertain. The UK’s Daily Record reports that Metal Hammer’s parent company, Team Rock, “has entered administration.” This is the United States equivalent of either bankruptcy or […]