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Are you sick of all the watered down electronic music being pushed out in an attempt to draw in the masses? Have you been feeling fed up with unimaginative tracks that lack any semblance of true art? Let Josh Brown be the cure to your EDM blues! Dripping in originality, spunk, and (of course) lots of bass, Josh’s tracks are steadily gaining him attention and credibility in the scene. He has released tracks on Snoe, This Ain’t Bristol, Sweat USA, and even Relief. Josh has collaborated with the likes of Billy Kenny, LiTek, Alec Tronic and has remixed Walker and Royce’s track “Fetish”.

Josh’s take on Tech House music is fun, gritty, and a little bit wild. Jungle sounds are not an uncommon occurrence in his music but in no way overwhelm the tracks. Josh has joined the ranks amongst the underground UK Tech House movers and shakers, having caught the eye (or more accurately…the ears) of prominent underground producers from around the globe. For now, his SoundCloud exclusively features his tracks along with a few mixes he has reposted from other artists. We patiently await a glimpse into his DJing skills with the release of a mix. If his production skills are any indication of his mixing talents, we have a bright and successful future to look forward to in young Mr. Brown.

Check out his delectable EP’s, available to stream on his SoundCloud.

Check out this clip from Josh’s set at This Ain’t Bristol’s party in Hannover, Germany. The video quality isn’t spectacular, but it will give you a feel for what he’s all about – in a live setting.


Ashley Eyes

Massachusetts raised, Sun Devil living in Tempe, Arizona. Earning a BS in Sustainability ~ hoping to solve sustainability problems at music festivals.

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