New Release Round-Up: The Hidden Gems of Pop Music

Spring has sprung for pop lovers of every subgenre. In case April showers have you down, these bands are offering a sun-shining relief. Ranging from punk to indie, each artist showcases their own unique pop attitude, cultivating to form an array of addictive hits you don’t want to miss out on.

Alternative Pop
Oh Wonder, “Ultralife

Harmonic delicacy like no other, this duo consistently delivers on their soft-and-sweet presence within the alternative pop vein. This single is no exception – and almost a step up from what can be heard on their self-titled debut album from two years ago. A tightened melodic structure serves as a beneficial accompaniment to this group’s blossoming sound.


Pop Punk
State Champs, “Slow Burn

The only thing that could make State Champs’ last album release better is more of it—and that’s exactly what they did. “Slow Burn” is a continuation of Around The World and Back, performing as an additive onto its vamped up deluxe edition. The band is prolific as ever in the lyrical department, and its aggressively passionate and precise guitar flows seamlessly with the atmosphere of the rest of the previously released piece.



Indie Pop
Bleachers, “Don’t Take The Money

Synth has a mind and a voice of its own where Jack Antonoff is
concerned. This band obtains undeniably one of the more inexplicably captivating ones, as intensity is somehow utilized as a tangible essence through the power in its well-crafted melodies. Here is music that “steals the air out of my lungs, you make me feel it,” as the song suggests.


Dance-Indie Pop

Misterwives, “Oh Love

You can’t go wrong with a firecracker of a lead singer, who showcases powerful vocal wrath, and hard-hitting instrumental groove to balance. Misterwives are a bewitching bunch, bearing a hearty wholeness in every department of dance-indie pop. This time around, they amp up the ferocity and ultimately achieve a new level of vigor that leaves anyone lit and fiery from within.

Alyssa O'Brenski

Southwest-suburb born and raised, and attending University of Iowa. Chicago, its sports, and an infinite amount of music are a few things I can't get enough of.

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