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Get Down to Some Josh Brown

by Ashley Eyes
Are you sick of all the watered down electronic music being pushed out in an attempt to draw in the masses? Have you been feeling fed up with unimaginative tracks that lack any semblance of true art? Let Josh Brown be the cure to your EDM blues! Dripping in originality, spunk, and (of course) lots of […]

Big Ole Kitties

by Ashley Eyes
International electronic music collective “Box of Cats” has been making waves in the scene for just a little over a year now, but has successfully stolen the hearts of thousands of loyal fans. Born from the minds of accomplished talent such as Wongo, Marc Spence, Kyle Watson, Jeff Doubleu, Jak Z and Tom EQ, “Box […]

Bruno Furlan Credit: Unknown

That Bruno Furlan…So Hot, Right Now. [New Releases]

by Ashley Eyes
Releasing on Cuff, This Ain’t Bristol, Bunny Tiger and many more; DJ Bruno Furlan is a Tech House trailblazer. In just the past two weeks young Bruno Furlan, an adept Tech House producer and DJ has been laying down some seriously heavy artillery music. Bruno has unveiled an EDM EP three-peat, proving he is here […]

Get MANT on Your Radar.

by Ashley Eyes
Fresh off of rising U.K. Tech-House duo Solardo’s label Sola, London’s own MANT are at the forefront of an exploding scene marrying the soul of Techno with the energy of House music. Sam and Andy have a diverse selection of tracks out, not only on Sola but also on labels such as Weapons and MTA Records. […]

Buy Local, Organic…Event Production

by Ashley Eyes
For the past several years the frequency and pervasiveness of corporate sponsor-laden events have been seeming to increase. Crowds and lines grow longer, security gets beefier, and raving starts becoming a tad laborious, at moments. Of course, this is a labor of love. Unmarked Events, an “underground artist collective” out of the Tempe, Arizona area, […]

Road Tripping with Kyle Watson

by Ashley Eyes
If Kyle Watson of Johannesburg South Africa isn’t already on your radar; you’ve been missing something big. Having released huge tracks with the likes of Bunny Tiger, Box of Cats, Dirtybird, and Heldeep; Watson brought forth his latest EP on This Ain’t Bristol. Titled, Road Trips, Kyle’s EP was a must while driving to kick […]