AU5 – Follow You ft. Danyka Nadeau (VIP MIX)

Cover - AU5 Follow You ft. Danyka Nadeau

Vocal’s in the EDM genre have always held a special place in my heart. That’s not to say all songs that have vocals in them are pitch perfect; however, I find myself enjoying the beats mixed with a singers voice much more than your typical one word, drop, and repeat tune. That being said, AU5’s – Follow You featuring Danyka Nadeau is a prime example of how a singers voice can take you on a ride through the songs lifts, drops, drums, etc. Right at the beginning of the song, you’re greeted by the lovely singer, Danyka Nadeau, who, and I kid you not, makes you feel like your floating on top of the clouds. As I said before, a producer that is successful at mixing a singers voice with the tempo of a song can create an amazing beat. I’d recommend anyone to give this song its five minutes and thirty seconds just so you can understand what exactly I am talking about.

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