UnifyFest Offers More Than Just Music

Music. That’s the main focus on any festival, show, or concert you go to. However sometimes, music isn’t the only concern. There are so many things a festival can offer you, and some people don’t realize that. That is what makes Unify Fest different from many other events. This festival celebrates human life, the environment, and unifies humanity. Community, healthy activities, and art are just a couple of unique aspects from this festival. Many people from around the world come to Santa Fe just for that.

Unify Fest encourages individuals to participate in a transformational experience through different self expressions. Healthy activities are one way that people can transform their physical and mental health significantly.


(via unifyfest.com)
(via unifyfest.com)

Meditation, tai chi, and yoga are all taught by a variety of teachers. Some famous instructors are Jeff Eichen, Maria Garre, Koya Webb, etc. These classes promote an individual’s creative potential, inspiring a healthy lifestyle and uplifting souls. Some instructors give really important tips on how to eat or even how to distress yourself. Most importantly, they all value self love.

The environment is another important aspect on this festival. Santa Fe is one of has the 2nd largest art center in the United States.

This city is also known as a spiritual place where indigenous culture still creates the atmosphere. This festival also helped raised money to build a non-profit school and eco-friendly community.


Music is still important within this event. There’s a variety of genres and artists that come from different backgrounds. The genres include acoustic, rock, jam bands, to electronic, psychedelic rock, and much more.  Luminaries, Alia, Marya Stark, The Adaptive, and Chad Wilkins are just a few of the 50+ artists at this festival.


Unify Festival is one of the biggest transformation festivals in the west. All ages are welcome to this festival. It’s a great environment for families and friends. Anyone can even get involved whether you camp out, volunteer, or even work for the event. It’s hosted in Santa Fe, New Mexico on September 22-25, 2016.

More information and tickets can be found on the UnifyFest.com website.


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