Offset Interrupts Cardi B Performance to Apologize

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The Migos rapper has a lot to be embarrassed about this week.

On Saturday, December 15 at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in Los Angeles, Offset interrupted his ex-wife’s performance to publicly apologize, and asked for her to take him back. She was not happy about it.

Offset walked onstage carrying a bouquet of flowers and a huge cake with icing that wrote “TAKE ME BACK CARDI”. Cardi B was obviously angry and shocked, as the audience could tell by her facial expression and body language. Who wouldn’t be?

As some may already know, Offset has not been the most loyal husband to Cardi. He has allegedly cheated on her more than once. The alleged mistress of Offset, Instagram model, Summer Bunni apologized to Cardi B in a video, claiming she, “did not know how serious” their marriage was. WHAT? She then later took back that apology.

It is understandable why Cardi B refused to take her cheating husband back. Yet, she is still getting lots of online criticism for her reaction.

Remember: Offset cheated on her multiple times, and there were texts to prove it.

Women, like Cardi in this case, are often expected to be forgiving. We are often blamed for the actions of men. Cardi B’s decision to remove Offset from her life is her own decision, no one else’s. Offset is the only bad guy here, and despite his elaborate apology, we cannot expect him to change for the better. Go Cardi!

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