Bayonne Announces 2019 Tour Dates and New Single

Electronic pop artist Bayonne released North American tour dates today, along with the second single from his sophomore album, Drastic Measures.

Bayonne released “Uncertainly Deranged” in 2018 with the announcement of the album, and I could not be more excited for this new single, and everything to come!

I first discovered Bayonne at Do Division Street Fest in 2016. He entranced me with his stage presence, being fully into what he was doing. The crowd was small, but everyone else who noticed him was equally drawn in by his performance. After the show at the merchandise table, he was selling hot sauce he makes himself, and I found out he was from Austin, TX.

After spending a few years in Austin myself, I feel a special connection to all artists I discover from there. Since that fateful summer afternoon, I have had Primitives, his first full length album on repeat. I have been lucky enough to see Bayonne live a few times since then, and this will be a tour worth checking out.

“Much of this record was actually inspired by life on the road over the past couple years,” Bayonne said on Instagram.

Drastic Measuresand “Uncertainly Derangedhave me very pumped for the entire album. Look for it on February 22, and catch Bayonne at Schubas Tavern April 26! I don’t know about you, but I just grabbed my tickets.

Check out the video for Drastic Measures here: 

Devin Bohbrink

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