Now in Celebrity News: COVID19 Edition

As Corona season grows every day, we can’t help but wonder how this virus is affecting everyone, including celebrities. We have seen how concerns have spread all over the world. The Virus was first originated starting in Wuhan, China; spreading around the whole world. Italy was hit harshly, where citizens have been on lockdown for days. Now in the U.S., the threat of this illness has led to cancellations of vacations, work and school, country-wide. No one is safe from the threat of the virus, regardless of if you’re an A-list celeb or any regular old Joe Schmo. 

Celebrities including Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, tested positive for the virus, after contracting it while shooting a film in Australia. It also came out on Monday, March 16, that actor Idris Elba has also tested positive for the virus. Many more celebrities are likely to have the virus, but testing kits have been extremely limited, so it is hard to know the real number of patients affected by it at this time.

All sporting and musical events have been cancelled or postponed until the threat of the virus calms down. Any event of 50 people or more is to be cancelled– from schools to museums, to Broadway shows and restaurants. Billie Eilish took to Instagram on Friday, March 13, announcing that the rest of her March tour dates would be postponed, despite only getting to perform the first couple of shows before having to call it off. 

Photo credits to Billie Eilish, @billieeilish on Instagram.

Other artists have gone other routes in expressing their concerns over Corona. On March 6, fans ‘cancelled’ R&B singer Summer Walker, after she posted a racist meme about the virus. 

As time passes, more events get cancelled, and Corona spreads, it is important to remember that public health is an extremely serious matter. It is crucial to listen to health officials that we wash our hands and practice social distancing as much as possible in an attempt to diminish the spread of this virus. The more caution we take, the more likely we are to get to enjoy our summer, free of Corona.

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