bb u ok?

San Holo’s latest release is warming my heart with its soothing, yet uplifting beats, and totally meme-able song title, “bb u ok.”

Made available for streaming on December 1st, this new single upholds San Holo’s commitment to support and positivity, using it to interact with and check-in on fans. All over his Twitter account, Sander van Dijck used his new single’s title to post smile-worthy content, sparking lively and loving conversations in the comments and quote tweets below.

Honestly, are we okay? There are definitely plenty of comments that say, “NO” and can you blame them? But, now they have this song– a soft and bright 3 minutes and 22 seconds– in which to melt away, drifting into the warm embrace of an artist who stays true to his vibrance. His compassion is ever-present in this single that now launches him into a new phase of music life with Counter Records. Read more about that here!

I mean…he even has presents 🙂

Here are a couple of Spotify playlists for anyone craving more “bb u ok” energy.

Oh, and by the way, “bb u ok?”

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